Food imagine


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What do you do if you are hungry? You eat something of course! We all quench our thirst with a drink and go to sleep when we are tired. Our bodies ...
copii si adolescenti, non fictiune
Food imagine


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Looks at the diversity of food around the world. Introduces children to the similarities and differences in foods found in different cultures.
copii si adolescenti, non fictiune
Soul Food imagine

Soul Food

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Reducere. "Soul Food" is a feast of thoughtful poems to stir the mind and feed the spirit. Drawn from many traditions, ranging from Rumi, Kabir and Blake, to...
stiinte, literatura, poezie
Seasonal Food imagine

Seasonal Food

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Reducere. Each chapter starts with a brief story about the month itself (what's happening in the farming calendar, food-related customs and traditions), foll...
lifestyle, gastronomie, retete culinare
Good Food imagine

Good Food

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Reducere. The kitchen people at BBC Good Food Magazine bring us flavourful Mediterranean cuisine for year-round enjoyment in this selection of healthy midwee...
lifestyle, gastronomie, retete culinare
Good Food imagine

Good Food

37,52 RON 42,81 RON
Reducere. A brand-new title packed with delicious recipes for one from the bestselling Good Food team. Fed up wasting food? Tired of trying to work out ingre...
lifestyle, gastronomie, retete culinare
Geographies of Food imagine

Geographies of Food

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Reducere. Aimed at an international readership of undergraduate students of food, this comprehensive textbook uses a range of lively learning features and gl...
tehnologie si inginerie, agricultura, agricultura durabila
Food Chains imagine

Food Chains

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Reducere. Join Fact Cat on a journey of fun, learning about every subject under the Sun!
copii si adolescenti, material educational, limbi altele decat engleza
Good Food: Veggie dishes imagine

Good Food: Veggie dishes

37,33 RON 42,62 RON
Reducere. For exciting vegetarian recipe ideas, try Good Food: Veggie Dishes. Divided into Soups, Salads and Snacks; Light Meals; Pasta, Rice and Noodles; Ma...
lifestyle, gastronomie, gatitul vegetarian
The Natural Food Kitchen imagine

The Natural Food Kitchen

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Reducere. Showcasing fresh and wholefood ingredients, Jordan’s recipes offer vibrant, seasonal dishes that are made using naturally healthy alternatives to r...
lifestyle, gastronomie, gatit sanatos
Slimming World Fast Food imagine

Slimming World Fast Food

112,51 RON 129,35 RON
Reducere. Quick, delicious recipes from one of the UK's most successful slimming organisations. The Slimming World system gives you plenty to eat and no forb...
lifestyle, gastronomie, gatit sanatos, diete si situatiile speciale
Food Industry 4.0 imagine

Food Industry 4.0

213,24 RON 266,55 RON
Reducere. Highlights the advancement opportunities for the food manufacturing sector, including innovation in products, processes and services, and considers...
business, economie
Scandinavian Comfort Food imagine

Scandinavian Comfort Food

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Reducere. The Scandinavians excel in comfort - family, friends, a good atmosphere, long meals, relaxation and an emphasis on simple pleasures. They even have...
lifestyle, gastronomie, bucataria nationala si regionala
Frankie's Favorite Food imagine

Frankie's Favorite Food

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Reducere. Frankie has a problem: he has too many favorite foods. He can't bring himself to choose just one to be for the school play, so on the day of the pe...
copii si adolescenti, non fictiune, arta
Global Food Futures imagine

Global Food Futures

186,53 RON 231,74 RON
Reducere. By 2050 the world will face the enormous challenge of feeding 9 billion people in the face of climate change, rising energy costs and pressure on f...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, societate si cultura: teme generale, studii culturale, gastronomie si societate
Food for Free imagine

Food for Free

73,31 RON 84,74 RON
Reducere. A complete guide to help you safely identify edible species that grow around us, together with detailed artworks, field identification notes and re...
lifestyle, gastronomie, retete dupa ingrediente
Rich Food Poor Food imagine

Rich Food Poor Food

181,57 RON 201,74 RON
Reducere. Do you get confused while pouring over labels at the grocery store trying to determine the healthiest options? What makes one box of cereal better ...
lifestyle, familia si sanatatea, fitness si diete, diete si regimuri alimentare

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