Crown of Shadows imagine

Crown of Shadows

108,19 RON
Dodge continues his relentless quest to find the key to the black door, and raises an army of shadows to wipe out anyone who might get in his way. ...
fictiune, comics si romane grafice
Global Shadows imagine

Global Shadows

163,75 RON 171,83 RON
Reducere. A leading anthropologist of Africa considers that continent's place within an egregiously imbalanced world economic and social order
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, sociologie si antropologie, antropologie, antropologie si etnografie fizica
The Shadows imagine

The Shadows

64,64 RON
When eleven-year-old Olive moves into a crumbling Victorian mansion with her parents, she knows there's something strange about the house - especia...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, povesti despre familie
Shadows on the Stars imagine

Shadows on the Stars

72,43 RON
"An extraordinary journey of mind, body, and spirit--both for Merlin and for ourselves."--Madeleine L'Engle The tenth installment in T.A. Barron's ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, povesti despre familie
Shadows in the Sun imagine

Shadows in the Sun

117,36 RON 130,08 RON
Reducere. As a young girl in Bangalore, Gayathri was surrounded by the fragrance of jasmine and flickering oil lamps, her family protected by Hindu gods and ...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, psihologie, psihopatologie
Shadows of the Past imagine

Shadows of the Past

108,01 RON
The Turtle's home in the sewers is destroyed thanks to a sinister team-up between Baxter Stockman and Old Hob. Now that the Turtles are homeless, w...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, benzi desenate
Shadows at Stonewylde imagine

Shadows at Stonewylde

67,64 RON
Something's lying patiently in wait, until the time is right . . . Thirteen years have passed since Yul fought for his life at the quarry, and Ston...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fantasy copii si adolescenti
Long Shadows imagine

Long Shadows

50,40 RON 67,20 RON
fictiune, fantasy
Hero In The Shadows imagine

Hero In The Shadows

57,15 RON 66,13 RON
Reducere. For years, David Gemmell has been the best kept secret in fantasy fiction on this side of the Atlantic. A perennial London Times bestselling author...
Radiant Shadows imagine

Radiant Shadows

48,83 RON 56,05 RON
Reducere. Half human, half faery, half in the dedadence of the Dark Court and half out of it, her life of dive bars, tattoos and street fights couldn't be fa...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Shadows In Bronze imagine

Shadows In Bronze

59,27 RON 68,29 RON
Reducere. Against his better judgement, Falco secretly disposes of a decayed corpse for the Emperor Vespasian, then heads for the beautiful Bay of Naples wit...
fictiune, romane politiste
Shadows on the Nile imagine

Shadows on the Nile

61,29 RON 68,09 RON
Reducere. A dramatic story of adventure, excitement, love and romance from the author of The Russian Concubine and The White Pearl
fictiune, fictiune contemporana
Chasing the Shadows imagine

Chasing the Shadows

133,02 RON
Year 2522. Lyra Daniels is dead. Okay, so I only died for sixty-six seconds. But when I came back to life, I got a brand new name and a snazzy new ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Francis Bacon: Shadows imagine

Francis Bacon: Shadows

157,89 RON 185,76 RON
Reducere. Francis Bacon: Shadows continues in the revelatory mode established by Inside Francis Bacon. It comprises six essays on diverse topics, interpretat...
arta, arhitectura si design
Casting Shadows imagine

Casting Shadows

42,21 RON 48,51 RON
Reducere. Flynn is making every effort to stay in control of his hot temper, while River feels more content than she's ever been. Together the two of them ma...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fictiune generala
The Colour of Shadows imagine

The Colour of Shadows

48,53 RON 55,76 RON
Reducere. Sometimes you have to let go of everything to find out what you have Saffron is looking for family photos in the attic when she finds the secret th...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Silver Shadows imagine

Silver Shadows

53,57 RON 61,69 RON
Reducere. In the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney and Adrian now struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each ot...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, aventuri, thriller
Grasping Shadows imagine

Grasping Shadows

560,61 RON 622,89 RON
Reducere. Whats in a shadow? Menace, seduction, or salvation? Immaterial but profound, shadows lurk everywhere in literature and the visual arts, signifying ...
arta, arhitectura si design, istoria artei
The Book of Shadows imagine

The Book of Shadows

37,61 RON 43,03 RON
Reducere. 'This is really something special . don't miss it' - The BooksellerStrange shadows are appearing over Danny's town. people stand, directionless.Fle...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Shadows Over Innsmouth imagine

Shadows Over Innsmouth

48,11 RON 56,60 RON
Reducere. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's classic, today's masters of horror take up their pens and turn once more to that decayed, forsaken New England fishin...
stiinte, literatura, antologii de proza
The Book of Shadows imagine

The Book of Shadows

63,28 RON
The follow up to the critically acclaimed children's title The Book of Learning. - A magical story with an Irish setting for readers aged 9-12 year...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Out of Shadows imagine

Out of Shadows

55,11 RON
Reducere. 'If I stood you in front of a man, pressed a gun into your palm and told you to squeeze the trigger, would you do it?''No, sir, no way!''What if I ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fictiune generala
The Tomb of Shadows imagine

The Tomb of Shadows

43,18 RON 49,50 RON
Reducere. The third book in the thrilling SEVEN WONDERS series. "A high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets... I can't wait to see what's next...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, aventuri
If We Shadows imagine

If We Shadows

108,02 RON
Born female, all Jordan wants is to slip under the radar and live the last year of high school as a boy. His parents and siblings support him, but ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fictiune generala
Shadows in the Water imagine

Shadows in the Water

99,99 RON
[shared copy] The Starbuck family is anything but ordinary. There are two sets of Starbuck twins: preteens Liberty and July, and their little siste...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, aventuri
Soul Shadows imagine

Soul Shadows

58,07 RON
Young adult horror novel from imprint, Curious Fox. It's a scary and compelling tale from this established writer of both fiction and non-fiction f...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, horror si fantome
Long Shadows imagine

Long Shadows

61,25 RON
Reducere. Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues with the fifth book in the Power of Three series! The fifth book in this third se...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, povesti cu animale
Secrets and Shadows imagine

Secrets and Shadows

133,05 RON
Nothing's simple when you run with werewolves. Jess Gillmansen thinks she's seen it all but her eyes are about to be opened to even more danger and...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, horror si fantome
In Praise of Shadows imagine

In Praise of Shadows

44,45 RON 51,60 RON
Reducere. An intimate reflection on Japanese art and architecture from one of the country's greatest novelists. This is an enchanting essay on aesthetics by ...
stiinte, stiinte umaniste, filozofie, filozofie: estetica
Dance of Shadows imagine

Dance of Shadows

49,84 RON
Reducere. Dancing with someone is an act of trust. Elegant and intimate; you're close enough to kiss, close enough to feel your partner's heartbeat. But for ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fantasy copii si adolescenti
Queen of Shadows imagine

Queen of Shadows

35,22 RON 50,32 RON
Reducere. Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. Now she returns to the empire – to confront the shadows of her past ... The fourth breat...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fantasy copii si adolescenti
Lord of the Shadows imagine

Lord of the Shadows

40,82 RON 47,10 RON
Reducere. Darren Shan is going home - and his world is going to hell. Old enemies await. Scores must be settled. Destiny looks certain to destroy him, and th...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, horror si fantome
King Of Shadows imagine

King Of Shadows

46,83 RON 54,02 RON
Reducere. I lay very still, with all my senses telling me that I had gone mad. The plague? Nobody's had the plague for centuries ...Nathan Field, a talented ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fantasy copii si adolescenti
Shadows of Existence imagine

Shadows of Existence

119,58 RON 125,82 RON
Reducere. The age of zoological discovery has not passed. Every year, spectacular and exciting new species are being located and classified, adding to our kn...
lifestyle, spiritualitate, fenomene paranormale, monstri si fiinte legendare
Fun with Hand Shadows imagine

Fun with Hand Shadows

19,93 RON 22,62 RON
Reducere. Clear visual instructions for creating 28 delightful images from a popular 19th-century picture book: goose, deer (with antlers), birds, bunny, dog...
lifestyle, hobby-uri si jocuri, jocuri indoor

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