The Vanishing Face of Gaia

The Vanishing Coin imagine

The Vanishing Coin

69,78 RON
Want to see something cool?I can make that quarter vanish.All it takes is a little magic...Fourth grade was supposed to be a fresh start, but Mike'...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fictiune generala
The Face of Another imagine

The Face of Another

60,55 RON 70,26 RON
Reducere. The narrator is a scientist hideously deformed in a laboratory accident - a man who has lost his face and, with it, connection to other people. Eve...
fictiune, fictiune contemporana
The Face of Evil imagine

The Face of Evil

56,86 RON 65,70 RON
Reducere. In 1994, Robert Black was convicted of the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of four young girls, and sentenced to life imprisonment with a min...
fictiune, romane politiste
Set Gai-Jin Vol.1+2 imagine

Set Gai-Jin Vol.1+2

99,90 RON
Pachetul contine 2 volume: • Gai-Jin, volumul 1 (816 pagini)Este anul 1862 si in Japonia domneste haosul, pe masura ce puterea shogunului scade, ia...
litera, literatură
Face of Evil imagine

Face of Evil

53,96 RON 59,96 RON
Reducere. If you play games with a killer... you can't afford to lose. Looking for a subject for her book about evil, Lydia Tune travels to the infamous Mort...
fictiune, romane politiste
The Other Face of the Moon imagine

The Other Face of the Moon

80,58 RON 89,53 RON
Reducere. Gathering all of Claude Levi-Strauss's writings on Japan, this sustained meditation follows his dictum that to understand one's own culture, one mu...
stiinte, stiinte umaniste, istorie, istorie regionala si nationala, istoria asiei
Set GAI-JIN (2 volume) imagine

Set GAI-JIN (2 volume)

77,94 RON 119,90 RON
Reducere. Volumul 1 Este anul 1862 şi in Japonia domneşte haosul, pe măsură ce puterea shogunului scade, iar facţiunile rivale plănuiesc să-l repună pe tron ...
litera, cărți, fictiune
Vanishing Act imagine

Vanishing Act

67,12 RON 83,90 RON
Reducere. Written and drawn in thirteen styles, from comedy and confession to prophecy and interpretative dance, Vanishing Act is a polyphonic play of interc...
fictiune, comics si romane grafice
Vanishing Bone imagine

Vanishing Bone

106,11 RON 132,65 RON
Reducere. When dozens of holes appeared in a patient's femur alongside his hip prosthesis, experts were baffled as such a phenomenon had never been seen befo...
medicina, discipline chirurgicale, ortopedie si traumatologie
Rules for Vanishing imagine

Rules for Vanishing

54,72 RON 54,88 RON
Reducere. Do you want to play the game? Once a year, a road appears in the woods at midnight and the ghost of Lucy Gallows beckons, inviting those who are br...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, aventuri

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