Forgetting imagine


284,75 RON 368,61 RON
Reducere. Memory and forgetting are inextricably intertwined. In order to understand how memory works we need to understand how and why we forget. The topic ...
lifestyle, dezvoltare personala, self help si psihologie populara, imbunatatirea memoriei si tehnici de gandire
Car Design America imagine

Car Design America

258,24 RON 303,81 RON
Reducere. Without forgetting retro and the most recent designs, this book traces the evolution of American automobile culture through the decades - both all-...
lifestyle, transport, autovehicule, autoturisme
Babar and His Children imagine

Babar and His Children

112,48 RON
Such joy in Celesteville! Babar and Celeste have had triplets. The smallest, Alexander, has a knack for getting into predicaments. Between getting ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, povesti despre familie
Forgetting Foster imagine

Forgetting Foster

49,28 RON
The powerful story of a young boy whose father develops Alzheimer's disease, from the highly acclaimed author of A Small Madness.
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Too Many Bubbles imagine

Too Many Bubbles

42,26 RON 48,60 RON
Reducere. A hilarious rhyming adventure that all starts with washing the dog . . . perfect for getting even the most reluctant bathers excited about bathtime!
copii si adolescenti, ilustrate si interactive, carti cu imagini
The Idiot Brain imagine

The Idiot Brain

57,57 RON 67,73 RON
Reducere. Motion sickness. Nightmares. Forgetting people's names. Why did I walk into this room?? For something supposedly so brilliant and evolutionarily ad...
stiinte, matematica si stiinte, stiinta generala, popularizarea stiintei
When Breath Becomes Air imagine

When Breath Becomes Air

42,69 RON 56,92 RON
Reducere. This book is the New York Times Number One Bestseller. The Sunday Times Number one Bestseller. Finishing this book and then forgetting about it is ...
biografii, memorii, jurnale, memorii
Juniper SRX Series imagine

Juniper SRX Series

379,97 RON 422,19 RON
Reducere. This complete field guide, authorized by Juniper Networks, is the perfect hands-on reference for deploying, configuring, and operating Juniper’s SR...
calculatoare si it, retele de calculatoare
Living Sober Trade Edition imagine

Living Sober Trade Edition

87,87 RON
Living Sober is an extremely informative book which does not offer a plan for getting sober but does offer us sound advice about how to stay sober....
lifestyle, familia si sanatatea, confruntarea problemelor personale, abuzul de droguri si alcool
Out of Our Minds imagine

Out of Our Minds

103,88 RON 118,04 RON
Reducere. Creativity is critical. Out of Our Minds explores creativity: its value in business, its ubiquity in children, its perceived absence in many adults...
lifestyle, dezvoltare personala, self help si psihologie populara
Fox Forgets imagine

Fox Forgets

125,37 RON
Goose has an important message for Bear, and he asks Fox to deliver it. But Fox has her mind on other things—which only leaves Bear to wonder and w...
copii si adolescenti, dezvoltare personala copii, cunoasterea si respectul de sine
Getting Back in Shape imagine

Getting Back in Shape

25,99 RON 129,93 RON
Reducere. With an epidemic of obesity and heart disease and diabetes on the rise, Americans need simple, compelling strategies for getting in shape more than...
lifestyle, familia si sanatatea, fitness si diete, antrenament si exercitii sportive
The Forever Whale imagine

The Forever Whale

49,98 RON
Reducere. Hannah adores her Grandad. The trouble is, Grandad has Alzheimer's and he's always forgetting things. He keeps trying to tell Hannah a story about ...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
Let's Look on the Seashore imagine

Let's Look on the Seashore

33,30 RON 36,36 RON
Reducere. Get children outside with these fun activities which form the perfect introduction to the seashore The seashore is an exciting place to be at any t...
copii si adolescenti, non fictiune, natura, viata salbatica
Baby-led Weaning imagine

Baby-led Weaning

73,73 RON 85,50 RON
Reducere. t shows parents why baby-led weaning makes sense and gives them the confidence to trust their baby's natural skills and instincts. With practical t...
copii si adolescenti, parenting, sarcina, alaptare si ingrijirea bebelusului
Big drawing book imagine

Big drawing book

35,96 RON 46,20 RON
Reducere. An inspiring step-by-step drawing book sure to give little children hours of fun. Children can discover how to draw dolphins diving in the sea, kni...
usborne, 2-5 ani
Paddington Marches On imagine

Paddington Marches On

41,85 RON
Reducere. "I've never known such a bear for smelling things out, " said Mrs Bird. Paddington's sharp nose and his talent for getting into difficulties lead h...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune
I, Houdini imagine

I, Houdini

37,08 RON 42,53 RON
Reducere. Houdini is no ordinary hamster. He is an escapologist with an exceptional talent for getting out of cages and urge to escape leads him to all kinds...
copii si adolescenti, fictiune, fictiune clasica
Pirate Adventure Dice imagine

Pirate Adventure Dice

44,95 RON 57,75 RON
Reducere. Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny and bizarre stories. Cons...
laurence king publishing, 5-7 ani
Pirate snap imagine

Pirate snap

26,97 RON 34,65 RON
Reducere. A fun card game for two or more players. Contains 52 cards (13 sets of four matching cards). Each card shows a colourful illustration of a pirate, ...
usborne, 2-5 ani
Hansel and Gretel imagine

Hansel and Gretel

26,97 RON 34,65 RON
Reducere. First Stories: Hansel and Gretel is the perfect introduction for young children to this classic fairy tale. Push, pull and turn mechanisms bring th...
pan macmillan, 0-2 ani

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