Paul: A Biography, Hardcover

Paul: A Biography imagine

Paul: A Biography

157,00 RON
In this definitive biography, renowned Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author N. T. Wright offers a radical look at the apostle Pau...
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Orlando: A Biography imagine

Orlando: A Biography

98,00 RON
Begun as a 'joke, ' Orlando is Virginia Woolf's fantastical biography of a poet who first appears as a sixteen-year-old boy at the court of Elizabe...
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Orlando: A Biography imagine

Orlando: A Biography

98,00 RON
In her most exuberant, most fanciful novel, Woolf has created a character liberated from the restraints of time and sex. Born in the Elizabethan Ag...
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Boone: A Biography imagine

Boone: A Biography

106,00 RON
The story of Daniel Boone is the story of America--its ideals, its promise, its romance, and its destiny. Bestselling, critically acclaimed author ...
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God: A Biography imagine

God: A Biography

102,00 RON
WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE What sort of 'person' is God? What is his 'life story'? Is it possible to approach him not as an object of religious r...
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Hitler: A Biography imagine

Hitler: A Biography

138,00 RON
The Hitler biography of the twenty-first century (Richard J. Evans), Ian Kershaw s Hitler is a one-volume masterpiece that will become the standard...
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Jung: A Biography imagine

Jung: A Biography

200,00 RON
This authoritative biography reveals the untold truth about Jung's secret work for the Allies during World War II, his controversial affair with on...
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Kant: A Biography imagine

Kant: A Biography

170,00 RON
This is the first full-length biography in more than fifty years of Immanuel Kant, one of the giants among the pantheon of Western philosophers, an...
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Mishima: A Biography imagine

Mishima: A Biography

112,00 RON
At forty-five, Yukio Mishima was the outstanding Japanese writer of his generation, celebrated both at home and abroad for The Sailor Who Fell from...
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Hegel: A Biography imagine

Hegel: A Biography

248,00 RON
One of the founders of modern philosophical thought Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) has gained the reputation of being one of the most ab...
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Caligula: A Biography imagine

Caligula: A Biography

134,00 RON
The infamous emperor Caligula ruled Rome from A.D. 37 to 41 as a tyrant who ultimately became a monster. An exceptionally smart and cruelly witty m...
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