Digestive Intelligence imagine

Digestive Intelligence

57,34 RON 66,13 RON
Reducere. Digestive Intelligence tells the fascinating story of how our digestive systems are the centre of our bodies’ second brain and how we think and liv...
medicina, medicina preclinica, fiziologie
Physical Intelligence imagine

Physical Intelligence

56,39 RON 70,48 RON
Reducere. 'Authoritative and accessible' Wall Street Journal -- Renowned neuroscientist combines his own gripping stories of survival in the wild, 15 years a...
stiinte, matematica si stiinte, stiinta generala
Generational Intelligence imagine

Generational Intelligence

213,08 RON 251,95 RON
Reducere. The question of communication and understanding between different generations is emerging as a key issue for the twenty-first century. The advent o...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, societate si cultura: teme generale, grupuri sociale, grupuri de varsta, adulti, varstnici
Intelligence-Led Policing imagine

Intelligence-Led Policing

183,66 RON 244,87 RON
Reducere. What is intelligence-led policing? Who came up with the idea? Where did it come from? How does it relate to other policing paradigms? What distingu...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, asistenta sociala, criminologie, asistenta sociala, servicii de urgenta, politie si siguranta
Despre intelligence imagine

Despre intelligence

35,99 RON
„Complexitatea si volatilitatea mediului secolului al XXI-lea au creat o diversitate de noi provocari de securitate, care reclama un efort societal...
rao, istorie & politologie
Artificial Intelligence imagine

Artificial Intelligence

22,24 RON 49,41 RON
Reducere. How can engineers teach a robot to think? Will machines ever be smarter than humans? With simple text, diagrams, comic strip stories and stunning p...
copii si adolescenti, non fictiune, stiinta si tehnologie
Swarm Intelligence imagine

Swarm Intelligence

111,53 RON 117,33 RON
Reducere. CEOs around the world rank creativity as the most desirable leadership quality of the future. US employers rate innovation and problem solving as i...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, psihologie, psihologie ocupationala
Intelligence Collection imagine

Intelligence Collection

438,97 RON 457,26 RON
Reducere. Robert Clark not only explains specific collection systems for analysts, but helps collectors work across boundaries and stovepipes, encouraging th...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, politica si guvern, relatii internationale
Swarm Intelligence imagine

Swarm Intelligence

426,48 RON 501,74 RON
Reducere. Swarm intelligence is one of the fastest growing subfields of artificial intelligence and soft computing. This field includes multiple optimization...
arta, arhitectura si design, arhitectura, arhitectura si design de interior profesional
Social Intelligence imagine

Social Intelligence

71,53 RON 82,92 RON
Reducere. Presents a synthesis of the findings in biology and brain science, revealing a fundamental discovery: we are designed for sociability, constantly e...
stiinte, societate si stiinte sociale, sociologie si antropologie, sociologie, familie si relatii

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