Desire imagine


86,85 RON 124,06 RON
Reducere. A special reissue from Head of Zeus's bestselling anthology series of 100 of literature's sexiest stories, chosen by Mariella Frostrup and the Erot...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
This Day imagine

This Day

52,98 RON 60,97 RON
Reducere. The steamy and thrilling story of Laura and Massimo continues in this unputdownable sequel to the international bestseller 365 Days – the inspirati...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
365 Days imagine

365 Days

51,82 RON 52,14 RON
Reducere. Now a hit Netflix film! The sexy and deeply romantic internationally bestselling novel that inspired the blockbuster movie. Laura Biel and her boyf...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
A Touch of Darkness imagine

A Touch of Darkness

52,48 RON 52,65 RON
Reducere. From bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair comes a dark and enthralling reimagining of the Hades and Persephone Greek myth. "Let me worship you, " ...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Insatiable imagine


60,70 RON 86,71 RON
Reducere. Introducing the first novel from award-winning journalist and writer Daisy Buchanan. Tender, funny, messy, frank and shocking, it is perfect for fa...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
The Erotic Poems imagine

The Erotic Poems

63,01 RON 72,77 RON
Reducere. A collection of Ovid's poems that deals with the whole spectrum of sexual desire, ranging from deeply emotional declarations of eternal devotion to...
stiinte, literatura, poezie, volume de autor
Inteligenta erotica imagine

Inteligenta erotica

44,00 RON 55,00 RON
Reducere. Inteligenta erotica. Reconcilierea vietii erotice cu viata de familieProblemele care pot aparea in cadrul vietii sexuale a unui cuplu sunt diverse,...
curtea veche, carti
Erotica | Madonna imagine

Erotica | Madonna

39,99 RON
EroticaFeverBye Bye BabyDeeper & DeeperWhere Life BeginsBad GirlWaitingThief of HeartsWordsRainWhy's It So HardIn This LifeSecret Garden
warner bros. records, muzica, pop
Erotic Stories imagine

Erotic Stories

52,00 RON 74,28 RON
Reducere. A perfect gift of timeless erotic stories ranging from ancient Greek myth to modern stories of longing and lust. This beautifully jacketed Everyman...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Desire imagine


117,15 RON 167,36 RON
Reducere. 100 of literature's sexiest stories, chosen by Mariella Frostrup and the Erotic Review. Strict mistresses, naughty maids, handsome gardeners and di...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Xstabeth imagine


41,72 RON 59,60 RON
Reducere. A short explosive novel about Russia, Scotland, sex and singer-songwriters. INCLUDES 'PREQUEL' THE TOWER THE FIELDS THE TRANSMITTERS 'This book spo...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Artifact imagine


34,11 RON 34,22 RON
Reducere. 'A wise, intimate tale that is by turns joyful, sorrowful and explicit' Observer'The author delves deep into Lottie's psyche, shying away from noth...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Reckless imagine


43,52 RON 62,17 RON
Reducere. 'A tense action-packed thriller' Real People magazine 'A steamy tale of illicit passion with a fabulous twist' Best magazine What happens when an a...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
C.A.L.M. imagine


65,49 RON 93,56 RON
Reducere. 'Because a life lived in fear is equal to no life at all' This is the uncompromising vision of Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile. Fearless and highly ...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Incest imagine


34,04 RON 40,91 RON
Reducere. When the immoral libertine Monsieur de Franval marries and fathers a daughter, he decides to inculcate in her a sense of absolute freedom, an uncon...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Diamond Ice imagine

Diamond Ice

19,96 RON 28,51 RON
Reducere. Upon returning home from a weekend away, Louisa opens her front door to an empty home. As she stumbles through a house littered with cryptic messag...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Anonymous Sex imagine

Anonymous Sex

60,73 RON 86,76 RON
Reducere. Compiled by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan and Hillary Jordan, ANONYMOUS SEX is an anthology of erotic stories from 28 literary names. The author names will be...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
The Forbidden imagine

The Forbidden

41,99 RON 59,99 RON
Reducere. What do you do when you can't control your feelings for someone? When you know you shouldn't go there? Not even in your head. Annie has never exper...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Knight's Game imagine

Knight's Game

46,75 RON 66,78 RON
Reducere. When her tryst with handsome billionaire Dominic Knight gets out of hand, Katherine Hart resolves to cut all contact for good. But Dominic won't le...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Duke's Pursuit imagine

Duke's Pursuit

66,37 RON 94,82 RON
Reducere. When Philippa first debuted in Society, she caught the attention of Everett Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington. But when Everett's parents objec...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
The Tryst imagine

The Tryst

35,73 RON 51,05 RON
Reducere. Part psychological thriller, part contemporary magical realism, it is a tale of covert desires and the secrets of an everyday marriage. London, mid...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Zilele Amantilor imagine

Zilele Amantilor

95,54 RON 106,16 RON
Reducere. Cand am primit invitatia de a citi manuscrisul cartii Corinei, am acceptat temator. Sunt la o varsta cand iti spui arogant ca ai citit cam tot si t...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Amantii 3.0 imagine

Amantii 3.0

95,49 RON 106,09 RON
Reducere. Continuarea aventurilor din romanele „Zilele amantilor” si „Noptile amantilor”
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Blood Curse imagine

Blood Curse

115,25 RON 128,05 RON
Reducere. Lady Ophelia Black lives a cursed life. Unable to touch a person without killing them, she has never felt a lover's caress or a tender kiss. After ...
fictiune, fictiune erotica
Inteligenţa erotică imagine

Inteligenţa erotică

60,00 RON 75,00 RON
Reducere. Problemele care pot apărea în cadrul vieții sexuale a unui cuplu sunt diverse, de la dispariția dorinței, în urma nașterii unui copil, până la ruti...
curtea veche, carti
Boxset 1 imagine

Boxset 1

120,00 RON
Reducere. Pachetul Boxset 1 contine 4 carti: • Bocanila de Alice Clayton(360 pagini) In prima noapte petrecuta in fantasticul ei apartament din San Francisco...
* * *, beletristica, carti erotice

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