Eu sunt Maia imagine

Eu sunt Maia

34,93 RON 49,90 RON
Reducere. La vremea asta joc. Joc si interpretez tot felul de personaje. Potrivite pentru varsta mea, pentru experienta mea, pentru viata pe care am trait‑o....
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Lebedele salbatice imagine

Lebedele salbatice

49,00 RON 70,00 RON
Reducere. Putine carti au succesul international repurtat de Lebedele salbatice. De la prima sa aparitie, volumul a fost tradus in peste treizeci de limbi si...
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Ce s-a intamplat cu tine? imagine

Ce s-a intamplat cu tine?

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Reducere. Bestseller New York Times O carte care va schimba modul in care iti privesti viata „Un ghid onest pentru exorcizarea traumei mentale.” - KIRKUS REV...
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Regina Maria imagine

Regina Maria

11,60 RON 29,00 RON
Reducere. O carte de exceptie despre o personalitate de exceptie: Maria Alexandra Victoria de Saxa-Coburg si Gotha sau, pe scurt, Regina Maria a Romaniei. Au...
librex publishing, biografii, carti, biografii memorii jurnale
Blackout imagine


38,24 RON 38,58 RON
Reducere. THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTELLER. A raw, honest, vivid memoir of one woman's struggle with addiction and recovery, for fans of Bryony Gordon, Cheryl St...
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Venice imagine


92,67 RON 107,58 RON
Reducere. In this magnificent vision of Venice, Peter Ackroyd turns his unparalleled skill at evoking place from London and the River Thames, to Italy and th...
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Dutch Light imagine

Dutch Light

51,81 RON 51,82 RON
Reducere. Hugh Aldersey-Williams transports us to the Dutch Golden Age - a time of immense scientific and artistic innovation - in this histo-biography of Ch...
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St Paul imagine

St Paul

81,26 RON 81,98 RON
Reducere. A fascinating account of the life of St Paul, by Britain's foremost religious commentator. 'Karen Armstrong is a genius' A.N. Wilson
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Five Patients imagine

Five Patients

54,57 RON 63,29 RON
Reducere. ER has become the most succesful television series in the world since CHARLIE'S ANGELS. Michael Crichton created the series from his own experience...
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Fake Law imagine

Fake Law

91,55 RON 130,79 RON
Reducere. The Secret Barrister returns to debunk the biggest legal lies of our time. Taking you from your own home to the halls of Westminster, this is the t...
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The Last Princess imagine

The Last Princess

59,52 RON 66,14 RON
Reducere. An evocative telling of the life of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's last-born child, and of a sometimes fraught royal mother-daughter relationship.
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Heart to Heart imagine

Heart to Heart

58,12 RON 66,92 RON
Reducere. Read the heartwarming story of Pea Horsley, the UK's first professional animal communicator, as she tracks lost animals, tackles troublesome pets a...
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Pioneer Girl imagine

Pioneer Girl

267,30 RON 345,04 RON
Reducere. Pioneer Girl follows the Ingalls family's journey through Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, back to Minnesota, and on to Dakota Territo...
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Enforcer, The imagine

Enforcer, The

50,82 RON 58,71 RON
Reducere. Albert Donoghue was Reggie Kray's right hand man, his minder and chief executive. In this book, he reveals the events he witnessed, charting the ri...
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Invisible Walls imagine

Invisible Walls

52,57 RON 65,72 RON
Reducere. 'Memoirs of such richness are rare . . . a joy' JAMES NAUGHTIE 'A remarkable personal journey, by one of the great political correspondents of our ...
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Selective Memory imagine

Selective Memory

49,25 RON 80,26 RON
Reducere. * Now out in paperback, the successful autobiography from the famous and well-loved columnist and author of COOKING IN A BEDSITTER comes her autobi...
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